Joshua Wilson. Photographer.

Behind The Lens


I have been taking photos my entire life; seeing all the interesting things life has to offer. I originally started out on a Nikon FG film camera when I was around 7 years old. My mother encouraged me to learn everything I could about shooting properly and the actual science behind shooting, instead of pointing and shooting. I really started shooting and perfecting my trade in 2010 however. when my mother passed away of cancer. After she passed away I picked up a DSLR and set out to find the joys in life that I had lost. I am now a professional freelance photographer who loves making people smile and capturing the special moments in life. 

My work ranges from head shots, portraits, kids, real estate, and editorial work; With a little bit of everything mixed in. I do all of my own editing and processing. I am generally very quick with my edits so that the client gets their photos as soon as possible. I have shot for commercial purposes which I can provide links upon request. 

I currently shoot with a Nikon (crop sensor and full frame); I also have 10 different lenses for whatever situation I get thrown into.